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Skyrim Requiem Standing Stones Facts

There are some update to Requiem 3.0.0 that related to skyrim requiem standing stones also name “consign to oblivion” that is also available to be download for you that using the Nexus Device.

Please be advised that there are no savegame update if you are running from the 2.0.x version. Play a new game then you’ll enjoy the updates.

What Included in The “Requiem” Updates?

There are some updates that you will face on the 3.0.0 – Mainly there are 3 kind of things that you need to check out:

  1. A lot of frustation on randomness introduced in the 2.0 related to arrow resistance sysem.
  2. Armor penetration and arrow resistance in older version is mostly hidden in the game
  3. Check out the gameplay, you will found that armor penetration became most useful in the late game.

The developer said that they are deciding to build a new system to make the rules becoming transparent and easy to understand by everyone.

Your expertise is important, the more expertise the more armor rating that you will get and you can bypass many attack. Each weapon will give you decent amount of expertise via perks.

Special Rules for Armor Resistance

I found that standard attack will not penetrate any armor. It depend on many factors. There are also disappearance of some special rules for armor resistance and also of its rule set.

In the new system, the resistance has been reworked. You may need to hit the enemy as hard as you can beside the act of your defense. But do not worry because the developer add a new pages on the game’s help menu to get you informed related to the standing stone and magic effects and stamina regeneration.

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Another Release Cycles

I hope there are another release cycles so I can get more shadow stone and magic resistance and also the spell absorption. I’m really not sure about the lover and the lady related to armor penetration or not. I need to search attachment to find the armor rating and bug fixes that might be do some effect on my weapon type.


After I do search attachments and get the requiem event, my potions damage become one of things that I need to consider. This is refer to the guide I got from requiem 2 0 which tell me related to the damage that I will got when I stand on rank iii.

The damage types may vary related to the flag notifications and dwarven automatons. My friend gave me a sneak attachs with huge damage to my mage armor.


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