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Praying for The Repose Of The Soul

People tend to send me question about repose of the soul and things related to it. I just realised that this kind of question is mostly related to everyone belief in life. In what I learn repose of the soul can only be happened when they are already in the heaven. Your soul will be reposed by the God protection and love.

Why do we pray for the departed souls?

Soul reposing will be got by people who are standing in believe that there are justice in God. You are meaning the world life just as a way to give your life to what the god want us to do. God want us to pray to them, doing what God command to us and leave what God tell us not to do.

We are really do not need another people as a prayer for the repose of the soul. We are the same human in the eye of god, what distinguish us from another people is really related what our believe in god. We can do ourself pray for the repose directly to our God and feel the eternal rest in our life.

What does it mean to repose a soul?

Repose a soul could be mean freeing your life from a dependency of the world and rely on the life after the life. You can stand on your belief of God and do what God command. All souls should be free in they want to be free. You can share the pray with your loved one and another person you love.

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How do you pray for the repose of soul?

God give you guidance for soul reposing. If you are moslem, you can found the way of praying in the Koran and Hadits. There are huge text that you can read and tell to the God anywhere everywhere.

What is a Mass for the repose of the soul?

Yes we need another people as a prayer for our soul repose, but that’s not the only what to get it. I found it on a dogmatic constitution on the church. We can pray to other people also in the same belief with us as our loved ones also.


After the end of our life, you will be facing the things that you are doing in the world in your life and get the judgement by God justice. So do pray for the repose for your soul to be free from what God tell us to be leaved in our life.

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