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John I Want a Divorce, a Song?

I was thinking that John I Want a Divorce is a song, but that is a kind of a conversation. When I take a look at the Youtube video, it is 2:12 Minutes conversation between a couple of man and woman. You may take a look at the youtube video here.

Here is the Caption / Subtitles that I got from the conversation:

John I want a divorce divorce it’s not
funny John and you know what’s been
coming for a long time well
divorce why do you always laugh when I’m
upset Oh every time you say divorce you
just look so cute I’m serious this time
serious I’m absolutely serious you’re
treating this like some kind of game
I’m tired of a job we love games but not
anymore not your kind of games divorce
stop laughing this is not funny things
haven’t been working out for a long time
and every time I try to talk to you
about her laughs so I’m not laughing
anymore with you and I’m not playing
this games my lawyers in the contactors
tomorrow I’ll drop the papers and I’ll
be it
no no no no pickles no chain works ever
wages no no no horse in the race
just not
just not
it’s not one
well you know I I don’t know say what
you need but it’s hard to talk about it
a conversation 15 years and all I’ve
heard from you is laughter every time I
would be serious

That’s above the convestation between a wife and husband which is the husband laugh so many at his wife request to be divorced.

John, I Want a Divorce refers to a recording of an improvised acting scene in which a husband repeatedly laughs at his wife after she confronts him about wanting a divorce.

Referring The Acting Class Sarantos uploaded a video titled I WANT A DIVORCE (MAN WITH ARM AROUND WIFE),” in which a man and woman are shown improvising a scene in which the two discuss having a divorce as if they were a married couple, leading the man to inappropriately laugh whenever his wife mentions the word “divorce”.

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In the description of the video, the clip is described as a “completely improvised scene shot with 2 cameras” and that the woman was prompted to start by saying “I want a divorce.”

YouTuber DandyGuy uploaded an edited version of the scene using the song “Mind Heist” (shown below). Within six years, the video accumulated more than 10,154,448 views and 29,492 Comments . I’m sure more at this moment.

Redditor BeamAndDiet submitted the original video to /r/cringe.[1] On June 26th, Redditor InfaredRidingHood submitted it to /r/DeepIntoYouTube/[3] On February 3rd, 2017, YouTuber Johnny Fuchs uploaded a YouTube Poop edit of the video (shown below, right). On May 9th, YouTuber T-Bone uploaded an edited clip of the video titled “John I Want a Divorce – Part 2”.

Ah yes, Joker’s slighty less psychotic cousin, Johnker.
‘John you’re being charged with mass homicide’
‘Mass homicide. Hahahaha.’

Forgive his laughter, he has a condition.

Police: “I’m sorry Mr. Johnathan. Your mother died 5pm this evening.”
John: H E E H E E H E E H E E

John already has nothing else to lose, so he’s making sure he drags Karen down with him.

“You think divorce is funny?”
“I do. And i’m tired of pretending it’s not”

“John what are your hobbies?”
John: hEhHehehe dIvOrse heHehEhe

“I’m serious this time John”

Me: Mom can we get Joker
Mom: We have Joker at home
Joker at home:

Plot twist: John is Australian and he’s actually crying

“You’re laughing. I want a divorce and you’re laughing.”

John: “It’s just not…it’s just not”
Wife: “It’s not what???”
John: (Takes cigarette out of mouth) “You wouldn’t get it”

Congregation : As a Christian,what we’re not allow to do?

John the baptist : Divorce, hehehehehe

“John, you’re being arrested for raping a child, killing tons of people, manslaughter, unpaid taxes, torturing children and animals, etc. What do you have to say about it”
John: “….. Arrested Hahahahahah”

That’s not a laugh
its a cry for help

Why are they standing so still, I’m scared

Thanos: I am inevitable
John: inevitable… HAHAHAHA

“I want a divorce”

John: Demonic laughter

When i was adding the vid to a playlist named “funny” she said:
tHaT nOt FuUnY

John: oh every time you say “divorce” you look so cute
Also John: not looking at her

King Henry: Preist I want to divorce my wife
Preist: divorce hehehehehehehehe

John: We live in a society.

Johns wife : John, I want a divorce.

John : Divorce (laughter)
Johns wife : It’s not funny john and you know it’s been coming for a long time.

John : Well..Divorce (laughter)
Johns wife : Why do you always laugh when I’m upset?
John : Oooh, everytime you say divorce you look so cute. (laughter)
Johns wife : I’m serious this time john
John : Serious?
Johns wife : I’m absolutely serious, your treating this like some kind of a game and I’m tired of it john
John : We love games
Johns wife : Not anymore not your kind of games your games are cruel

John : Divorce (laughter)
Johns wife : Stop laughing , this is not funny, things haven’t been working out for a long time and everytime I try to talk to you about it you laugh.
So I’m not laughing anymore with you and I’m not playing these games. My lawyer is gonna contact yours tomorrow. They’ll draw up the papers and that will be it. We go our separate ways.
John:No, no no no cant go no ( laughter) cant go our separate ways no no no cant go our separate ways.
It’s just not…its just not (laughter)
Johns wife : It’s not what?
John : Well you know I …
Johns wife : I dont know say what you mean
John: But it’s hard to talk about y’know (laughter)
Johns wife : It’s hard for you to talk about anything
John : I know I know I know
Johns wife : When was the last time we had a conversation? 15 years and all I’ve heard from you is laughter
John: (Laughter)
Johns wife: Everytime I wanna be serious
John: (Laughter)

There are also many memes related to this conversation. Above are the comments from the netizen related to this conversation.

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