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Average Funeral Director Salary By State

Average Funeral Director Salary By State. A funeral home owner/director in massachusetts earns an average annual salary of $82,780. (see chart 2 and table 1.)

When you first start out, you’ll typically make around $21,000 a year, but as you increase your education and experience, you can make up to $67,000 a year on average. The number of hours worked per week affects a mortician’s salary as well. Radio has endured tough years, accelerated by the pandemic.

How To Become A Funeral Director.

Salaries typically start from $24,568 and go up to $97,315. State and local government worker compensation costs for emp loyers averaged $54.4 6 per hour worked in september 2021. Here's how much you can expect to pay for that final farewell.

In Addition To The Emotional Fulfillment Offered By A Career In Embalming, People Who Choose This Job Also Receive Financial Reward.

You should also know that educational achievements and academic accomplishments affect a funeral home owner’s annual salary. Wage and salary costs averaged $33.76 and accounted for 62.0 percen t of employer costs. The average salary for an embalmer in this country is $45,060 a year, according the united states bureau of labor statistics.

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The Average Salary For This Position Across The U.s.

The mortician salary is projected to be above the average salary for all occupations. Church administrators manage the business operations of the church. This amount can vary greatly, however, depending upon location.

The Number Of Hours Worked Per Week Affects A Mortician’s Salary As Well.

According to the national funeral directors association (nfda), each of its its approximately 10,000 member funeral homes have, on average, three. After a few years of employment, you can expect a pay raise. Some even go on to managerial or administrative roles within the health field.

The Average Salary For A Funeral Director Is $41,000 A Year.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, morticians earn a mean annual wage of $57,620 , or $27.70 per hour, as of may 2019. In the unfortunate event of the demise of an employee during the employment, the dependents of the deceased will receive 90% of his/her monthly salary. Since the death care services industry is a challenging one to work in, most morticians earn a comfortable salary.

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